Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stress at School

Writing an experiential education program from scratch is alot of work. Not so much stress that I'm getting ulcers or anything, but it has been a constant level of stress for the last 6 weeks. No escape for even a moment. There is always something to do; some other thing to figure out. First draft is due Friday, final draft next Friday. This year spring break will be more welcome than any other time in the past.

In class yesterday Ed read a note that a former student had sent. This person had graduated in 2005 (I think) and had just interviewed to get into a Ph.D program. She said that the interview panel had been more interested in her classes at WWC than the work she had done in graduate school. She also mentioned that while in graduate school she felt like she was much better prepared for the work load having gone through the Program Planning course.

If that really is the case I guess the rest of my time here at WWC will be pretty easy compared to this term. I might even consider going to grad school when I'm done. Plenty of time to ponder that one though.

Now, back to writing my program.

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